Fatima And The Reluctant Movie Producer

IMG_0590Fatima was a woman who lived a thousand years ago. Just when her life was stable, something would happen to it like a shipwreck or being kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery. Each time she acquired a new life she acquired a new skill. But it all turned out okay in the end because all the skills she’d acquired enabled her to make a tent for the Emperor of China and she lived happily ever after.

I’ve never been shipwrecked or kidnapped by pirates but I do feel my life is  like Fatimas. I’m embarrassed at the number of things I’ve done: acting, singing,  writing songs, being signed up by Warner Brothers, being dropped by Warner Brothers, being signed by Sony, being dropped by Sony, running a kung fu school, publishing a book, producing 15 kung fu DVDs, writing 2 novels (that are hiding in my loft).


Maybe it’s the nature of life these days, that many creative people have to do numerous random things in order to survive. But I often feel like a shipwreck. Bits and pieces scattered all over the ocean.

IMG_3533When I was shuttered in the kung fu school with the gang trying to break down the door, my mum was a bit worried about me, and I said, “It’s meant to be.” I don’t know where those words came from but I really meant them. She said,  “I don’t believe in that, how is it meant to be?” Panic creeping into her voice.

I didn’t know the answer at the time but now I realise it was meant to be because all the skills I’ve acquired are enabling me to make my version of Fatima’s tent: a feature film.


Some people are reluctant fundamentalists and I’m a reluctant producer, going on crash courses at Raindance to learn about tax breaks for investors and SEIS and film tax relief. The only difference between Harvey Weinstein and myself is I don’t have an office with pot plants, and as I write this my daughter’s balanced on my lap chewing a rubber giraffe.

Baby & Giraffe

Frustration is building up inside me because all I want to do is start creating the soundtrack, learning my lines and making the film. But frustration is a good thing because it’s like a damn, building and building so when the gateway opens there ‘ll be a flood.

Click here to find out more about the film or pre-buy the soundtrack


About katamusic

Feist getting intimate with Air in Snow Patrol's bedroom. Previously known as Nut, she recorded the album for Sony. Described at the time as a “little known masterpiece", it was championed by DJ's Phil Jupitus, Mark Radcliffe and Jo Whiley Her unique blend of acoustic guitars, seductive pop and vintage electronics is certain to appeal to fans of the likes of Florence and the Machine, Sia and Emiliana Torrini. Co-produced by Andy Ramsay (Stereolab) Kata has created an album which she describes as sounding like Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath before the inception of the Birthday Letters. "Breaking Up With You Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" is out now on bandcamp.
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